Thursday, September 17, 2009

SNAPSHOTS: Lesly Lobeni

What's your name? What do you do?
Lesly Lobeni. Part time final year history student, part time blogger, part time hoarder and part time idealist.

What’s your personal style?
Not a part of the status quo. Still in search for that soul style. Let me hit 30, i'll give you my personal style then. For the time being, the fashionable life is being kept busy experimenting with everything thats quirky.

Why is fashion/ style important to you?
It makes me happy!! Fashion is such a happy place to be. It's like this never ending sitcom on mute and everyone is living a life in technicolour... I can weave my story with fashion.

What/ who inspires you?
No one or anything really. I would like to inspire someone though (LOL. :D)

What do you treasure most in your wardrobe?
ALL MY SHOES!!! *sigh*my Burberry bear (called Christopher Bailey), my vintage bags, my Marc Jacobs dress, my MNG neon belts.. omg, the list is endless. A LOT! I would kill myself if i were to part with anything.

What do you splurge on?
Shoes, Shoes and shoes galore!! <3*eying>

What do you love doing?
To be alone, listen to Travis or Coldplay and write. Write about every detail in the fabric of what was, in and will be. And of course, to dress up like a hep cat and paint the city in all the hues.

What’s your biggest wish?
For the word 'wish' to not exist but to actually have everything one could need and not crib about it. If i were to let my philosophical facade come undone, my wishlist would take several pages of your blog space. :P ... to name a few would be - Hermes 'Kelly' Bag, Balmain trophy jacket + zipper shoes, Ann Demeulemeester laced up shoes and make Christopher Bailey my godfather.
Images courtesy: Lesly Lobeni