Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DIY Bata Canvas

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For a final year project at the College of Arts,Delhi, applied arts student Tsundue Phunkhang collaborated with photographer Parikhit Pal, designers Varun Sardana, Gaurav and Ritika and blogger Mootboard to produce a series of images, featuring revamped canvas shoes. "This project was about taking a well known brand, in this case Bata and sort of reinventing it in terms of its image and style" says Tsundue. Varun Sardana , Gaurav and Ritika and blogger Mootboard were each given a pair of canvas shoes and asked to createa D-I-Y project with the shoes. Tsunde explains why he chose to use Bata shoes, "I have worn Bata canvas shoes for as long as i can remember, through school, and still do to date. As Parikhit pointed out, they're called canvas's,so the idea was to use it as a blank canvas to create something new".
Photographer Parikhit Pal
Styled by Tsundue Phunkhang and Mootboard
Hair and Make-up by Leeview
Model Abaan Raza

Friday, December 11, 2009

MANE ROAD - Hairstyles of Indian men.

I did a small project for M.O.B. Magazine's website with photographer Parikhit Pal.
We took to the streets of Delhi to find guys with cool hairstyles. It was surprisingly easy to approach people and there was no lack of great hairstyles to feature!
To view the full story head to http://mobmag.in/fashion/mane-street/