Friday, May 22, 2009


Some sunglasses my friend and i collected. The first one's a wayfarer and the second an interesting take on the wayfarer -it's got a metal rim around the glasses- and i found it among a pile of old sunglasses in an optical shop. The third one is also from an old optical store - it has a transparent acetate frame and looks much like the Adam Kimmel ones below. The fourth is a favourite, i cant place what era it's from. It's also an old piece. Fifth is a gift from Ray Ban and the sixth another wayfarer. The rest of them are old too, except for the last one and the second last which is a Linda Farrow from Tranoi. I'm not obsessed but i want these ones below!



ryder said...

second and third!


O where did you get them from ?
thats a secret you should never tell ;)

tem said...

I want everything!!!