Thursday, February 02, 2012

India Jacket

 It's a little late in the day to be writing about it, however it's better late than never! Etro's "India" jackets really caught my fancy as i got hold of two different versions for two different shoots for MW last year. Etro is well known for its rich colours and textures and also for its repeated use of the paisley motif, and in a sense derives a lot from India when it comes to those attributes. The "India" jackets were created in four versions, to be sold at Etro's stores in India only. The first one is a bandhgala in a dark olive velvet version, with paisley prints. The second piece is again a bandhgala in a black wool version with small paisley motifs in gold. I like the black version more out of the two since it looks a lot more crisp and clean. It might have something to do with the fact that its been paired with a crisp white chinese collar shirt and a white pocket-square on the model. The bandhgala is a great fusion of Indian and Western fashion, and is becoming increasingly popular with major menswear luxury labels bringing out different versions every season (that i think will be the topic for another post). It is cut to fit close to the body, especially on the chest, and has smaller armholes than say a suit jacket so the overall silhouette is slim. I think its the perfect jacket for a formal look, albeit something for the evening.

Photo courtesy Etro, Shovan Gandhi.
The models are Julian Pawlowski and Manu Bora of Anima Creative Management

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strandofsilk said...

Exquisite details and refined fabrics! Etro's India jackets are really nice.